The Comenius Polytechnic Institute recently held its Inauguration Ceremony before it officially starts on 3rd March 2019. The affair began with a Holy Mass officiated by Bishop Ezekiel Yona, of the Moravian Church in western Tanzania. The event was graced by the Moravian Church senior officials, CPI Administrators and members of staff and invited guests who demonstrated their whole-hearted support for CPI .

“I want to thank you for joining us in this celebration of our history and of our common quest to define and create a remarkable future together, ably guided by our remarkable Principal, Dr Bakari”— Bishop Ezekiel Yona .

“Induction provide a unique opportunity to look at our shared history, to reflect on some of the foundation building that brought us to this moment, and to gaze, with optimism, and indeed, with hope, into the future together. I thought I might just a few moments to invoke some of the best thinking of our forbears, pausing at a few key moments in our early history. ”— Bishop Ezekiel Yona.

“I pledge that I will do all that I can to take the University down this path and redeem the faith the Management has placed in me. ”— Bishop Ezekiel Yona

Church leadership is aligned with this vision. In the most difficult of times, our church leadership fought – and largely succeeded – in protecting the church’s investment in public education” — Bishop Ezekiel Yona.

“I thank all my fellow church leaders, friends and colleagues who have traveled to share this day with us. All have contributed in different ways to providing me the opportunity I have today”. — Bishop Ezekiel Yona.

”A teacher’s true mission is to make each student feel he or she has something to contribute and to provide them a path to grow through participation, to create a safe environment for students to make mistakes”. — Bishop Ezekiel Yona

“Jobs in the new economy will require education and training, and those jobs won’t come at all if there isn’t a skilled workforce ready to fill them. ”. — Bishop Ezekiel Yona

About Comenius Polytechnic Institute.

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Entry Qualification

CERTIFICATE Certificate of Secondary Education with at least 4 passes OR National Vocational Training Award level III

DIPLOMA Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education with atleast 1 principal and a subsidiary OR Basic Technician Certificate (NTA level 4). .

Our Mission

The mission of CPI is to provide opportunities for and conduct training, research and consultancy in business, humanity and social services, science and technology for socio-economic development. .

Our Vision

Comenius Polytechnic Institute aims to be a comprehensive provider of high quality and affordable technical and vocational training, turning out competent professionals with a creative and enterprising mindset. .

Our Values

    Excellence: The College shall pursue and practice excellence in all its activities and operations.

    Accountability: The college shall put into place systems and best practices that will continually monitor and enhance accountability to its community.

    Integrity:The College shall be honest, truthful and transparent in the provision of services to its community and beyond.

    Diversity: The College shall promote community service based on mutual respect and understanding given the diversity in gender, race, social standing and academic backgrounds.

    Innovative: The college shall be responsive and quickly adapt to the changes in programmes and services to maintain a competitive edge and remain relevant in the education system.

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Address: P.O.Box 404, TABORA
Telephone: +255 782 003 043
Others: +255 743 669 699